Pricing Terms

Last Updated 01 March 2021

1. Pricing

1.1 Keeping it simple, you pay for what you’re quoted for, we don’t increase our prices if you’re an existing customer, we don’t increase due to inflation, we may change prices on the website for new customers who are looking to join without notice.

1.2 Should you wish to change your service to a higher service you will be expected to pay the website price, we maybe able to offer you a discount on the current shown price on the website.

2. Domain Costs

2.1 We charge a yearly fee for any domain you purchase through us, this includes domain management, maintenance and renewal of your domain each year, you will pay the agreed price each year if you have purchased a domain through us.

2.2 Price we charge for domains change all the time as we are not a broker, we use a third-party company for all our domains, we can create a seperate account for you to manage your own domain, however this does mean you will have to manage the domain yourself should you need to.

2.3 We charge a fee for transfer OUT of your domain on top of an administration charge which is a set rate of £35.00, this is a one time cost and only if you chose to move your domain away from us.

2.4 We charge a fee set by third-party if you wish to transfer IN your domain to use, some domains do not incur a charge such as .uk domains, we do not charge an administration fee for this.

3. Content Cost

3.1 We don’t create content for your website as standard, we are website developers, we can advise and stitch together content you provide us if you do not wish to upload the content yourself.

3.2 Photos you provide on your website are your photos, you own the rights to the photos and should credit any author of photos & graphic material.

3.3 Struggling for content? Feel free to reach out to us as it maybe possible to for us to provide content for your website, sometimes we can use third-parties (strictly confidential) to help with content writing, this is at cost price, ask us for more information.

4. Website Usage

4.1 We do not allow any pornographic material on our servers

4.2 We do not allow any copyrighted content on our websites unless you have the owners permission in writing or you are the legal copyright holder.

4.3 DMCA requests, we do respond to DMCA requests however such request must provide adequate evidence of ownership, we may suspend services provided to you while we contact you and the third party.

4.4 Violation of website usage may cause a formal dismissal of your services offered by us (Falton Media) and you maybe asked to pay the remainder of your service fee.

5. Exiting Fees

5.1 We have contracts in place to keep us both protected however, if you have paid the costs owed to us you’re free to leave, however we would prefer it if you contacted us first to see if there is anything we can help with.

5.2 If you have monies owed to us (Falton Media) then we ask you to request a final bill and pay in full before you leave.