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We are here to cut the bullshit when it's time to go digital and get your business online with a website. A website shouldn't cost a fortune, we at Falton Media keep to your budget, as long as it's a realistic one.

Services to make your online presence easier.

Website Management

Website Development

We will create and maintain a website on a wordpress platform, whether you're transferring a website or needed a new one. Should you want a custom website not based on Wordpress contact us,

Domain and Emails

Other companies charge for extra emails, we understand maybe its an extra £1 here or there but that soon adds up, we give you as many as you think you'll need for free! We also manage your domain for one fee per year.

Social Media

We help build and grow your social media and ensure your online presence is growing. We work with you and the content you'd like to post and we can help you grow.

  • Charities & Local Organisations

    We work closely with Charities, non-profits and local organisations to increase their web presence. Are you the person who runs or manages one of these types of companies? If you are Falton Media can work with you to create a budget-friendly website and help you grow your digital presence.

  • Small Businesses

    Small business with big website problems or woes? Is getting online more trouble than you think it may be worth? We take the stress of making a website away for you and put our years of knowledge into practice by working with you and getting you online without the additional stress. We understand cost can be a big factor in getting a website online, it's another added expense, however, we will work with you to create something to suit your budget and grow with your company.

  • Personal Websites

    Are you looking for your website, just for personal use or to show off your photos in a portfolio? We can help you with that. You can work with us to help build your website or we can give you the basics and let you do it on your own with the added support where you feel it's needed, at no extra cost.

  • Hosting Plans

    Just looking for something simple such as a hosting plan or a virtual private server (VPS) so you can get started on your own or for development purposes? We can offer these services at a custom spec and we will work with you so you can obtain the services you require with no limits.

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