Falton Media

Who are we?

We are Dan and Shea, two people who develop websites both as a hobby and a career, we aim to keep it simple, we do our best to match your dreams and wishes, after all its a website you want to be proud of doesn’t matter if its for personal, business, charity or a group, its your online space.

What started Falton?

Falton was created with the idea of making it simple, not running around forcing the lowest price possible onto people to get their business, we kept it real, we didn’t want to be in a bidding war for peoples business, after all we all have to survive in this world on what little money we all already have.

Our Aim

We mainly work with groups, local charities and small independent business owners, but as always we are open to anyone wanting a website! Our aim was to keep cost low, quality high and ensure you get the best end product you could ask for, and we gain a friendship.

Just WordPress?

The short version, no. We make websites from scratch using HTML, CSS and PHP but we offer WordPress as an alternative for people who are looking to get started straight away with a custom website and a very easy to use interface.

If you’re interested in getting a website, a quote or even just some free advice just contact us and we will get back to you!